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Class schedule

We have many classes to meet your pilates needs from beginner to experienced levels. We can also accommodate private sessions. 

Our upcoming classes are listed in the calendar, click on any that interest you to save your spot!

Pricing & Memberships

We have several pricing and membership options, click the button below for more details.

Class descriptions

We offer class levels to fit everyone's experience.

Pilates Fundamentals

This class is designed to teach you the foundational principles of Pilates Matwork. Proper form and technique are emphasized in this class. This is the perfect place to begin if you are new to Pilates or prefer to workout at a slower pace. We recommend 5-10 fundamentals classes if you are new to Pilates. This class will prepare you for our Level 1 classes

Core Restore

A gentle, mat-based class designed to improve core strength, posture and mobility while releasing pain and tension in the body. Level 1-2

Range of Motion

A reformer-based class that focuses on increasing strength while improving joint mobility. This class is designed to help you move with confidence and ease. Previous experience on the reformer is required. Level 1

Buff Bones

Buff Bones is a bone- strengthening and balance- enhancing workout that will benefit anyone looking to tone up, enhance posture, improve balance and gain overall strength. Small equipment may be used in the class.

Mat Reformer Fusion

This class is designed to build on the foundational principles of Pilates Matwork. Proper form and technique are emphasized in this class. This is the perfect class if you are newer to Pilates or prefer to workout at a slower pace. Level 1

Essential Reformer

This class is great for people with Mat Pilates experience, but are new to the Reformer. You will learn the essential reformer exercises, and how to apply the Pilates principles to them. It is also a great class for anyone working at Reformer level 1 to strengthen their fundamentals.

Mat Classes (Essential, Intermediate, With Props, With Music)

Pilates Mat classes will include small Pilates props such as the Flex band, toning balls, mini stability balls and Pilates equipment for increased variety, and challenge.


Garuda Pilates Fusion

This flowing class will stretch and strengthen the mind and the body. The fluid movements are rooted in yoga, Pilates and dance and the class will create greater ease of movement and freedom in your body. Level 2

MELT Method

This class will help you accelerate your fitness and lifestyle goals by working on stability and core strength. It will help to eliminate the stress that puts you at risk for injury and impedes your ability to remain active. Level 2

Reformer Classes (1, 2, 3)

These classes will provide a total body workout using the reformer. Work your arms and legs and build core strength against resistance while increasing your stability, strength, and flexibility. All reformer classes require previous experience on the reformer. Please begin with Pilates Fundamentals or Essential Reformer to gain experience before entering Levels 1-3.

Total Barre

This is a dance-style class where you move to the beat of the music. It is an upbeat class designed to strengthen the full body, and work your cardiovascular system-but the most important element is fun! It is open to all levels that are comfortable moving at a faster pace.

Mixed Equipment

An exciting, challenging workout that incorporates a variety of machines (Reformer, Tower, and Chair). Perfect for those who like variety, you will never do the same workout twice! Level 2


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Private sessions

We offer private classes for extra attention to form.

Online Workout

On-demand classes

Enjoy pilates in your own home whenever you want.

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