There are many ways to enjoy our classes both in-studio and

on-demand at home.

Online Workout

On-demand classes

Enjoy pilates in your own home whenever you want.


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Private classes

We offer private classes for extra attention to form.

Class levels

We offer class levels to fit everyone's experience.


These classes will establish the foundation for your Pilates practice. These classes are perfect if you are new to Pilates, are recovering from an injury, or you prefer to work at a slower pace.

Level 1

These classes are intended for individuals that have a solid understanding of the fundamentals and are working at the Essential level of the STOTT PILATES® repertoire.

Level 2

Intended for individuals working at the STOTT PILATES intermediate level, who are looking to challenge their balance, coordination, and endurance.


Level 3

Our most challenging Pilates classes, intended for individuals that are injury free and are working at an Intermediate/Advanced level. Perfect if you are looking for a faster pace and more intense workout.

Class schedule

We have many classes to meet your pilates needs from beginner to experienced levels. We can also accommodate private sessions. 

Our upcoming classes are listed in the calendar, click on any that interest you to save your spot!

Pricing & Memberships

We have several pricing and membership options, click the button below for more details.