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COVID-19 Studio Safety Protocols

We will follow the government guidelines recommended at HTTPS://NOVASCOTIA.CA/REOPENING-NOVA- SCOTIA


Health Declaration:

To help keep our community safe, upon arrival at The Maritime Conservatory of Performing Arts, staff and clients must sign a Health Declaration stating that they agree to the health and safety parameters put in place by the government.


We kindly ask that, prior to entering the studio, please make sure that you:


  • Have passed NS assessment for Covid-19 symptoms.

  • Have not had any contact with a COVID-19 patient.

  • Have not traveled outside of the Atlantic bubble for the last 2 weeks.

  • Do not have any symptoms of covid-19, such as cough, chills, fever, or any other respiratory symptoms.


Protocol for Entering the studio
  1. Please wait in the hall, until your teacher opens the door and invites you in.

  2. Remove your shoes, hang up your coat.

  3. Sanitize your hands and make your way to your workout space.

  4. Place your personal belongings in the bin beside your workout space.

  5. You may remove your mask and then sit on your mat.



Protocol for Exiting the studio
  1. Please clean your equipment, as directed by your instructor, using the cloth and cleaner at the end of your bed

  2. Gather your personal belongings, put on your mask and wipe down the bin

  3. Place the used cloth in the bin by the door

  4. Collect your coat and shoes and sanitize your hands as you exit. Please use the exit closest to Oxford Street.

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